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The Art of Capitalization – Part 2

Sitting here in a hotel lobby in Columbus, OH, I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to start writing this blog?

I’m supposed to meet my daughter Buck Wheat for breakfast and she’s already an hour late! I’m hoping she will be here any second, but I’m realizing now when we said “10:30” nobody specified AM or PM! Based on my 22-years of experience as her father, I’m thinking I should do two things right now. One is to start writing… because I’ve got time! And the other is to start thinking about what I want for lunch. I don’t see breakfast in the cards for me today!

Welcome (back) to The INDEPENDENT Channel, where capitalization is not just a hobby, but an obsession!


I love that name: “The INDEPENDENT Channel.” And not just because I was the one who came up with it (though that definitely helps)!

I love it because it tells a story – our story as Benjamin Moore retailers – in just three words! The INDEPENDENT Channel.

Last week, through the wonder of excessive capitalization, I made the point that we are THE Independent Channel. THE place to be for content!

Today though, we are The INDEPENDENT Channel!

It’s still the place to be if you’re looking for content designed to help INDEPENDENT Benjamin Moore retailers excel. But the change in capitalization gives it a different feel, no?

It would be impossible to write the story of Benjamin Moore retailers without the word INDEPENDENT! From the time Benjamin and his brother started making paint in Brooklyn, ALL of the tens of millions of gallons the company has produced have been sold through businesspeople like you: INDEPENDENT retailers who owe their success to their own efforts.

It’s interesting to me that the most significant aspect of the experience that we are all sharing as Benjamin Moore retailers is our independence. As a class, we are often referred to as “independents.” It defines who we are.

But being INDEPENDENT does not mean we have to stand alone!

INDEPENDENT people stand together for their mutual benefit all the time! Singers join choirs and by doing so, raise their communal volume to a level they could never achieve alone.

But they are all still singing independently!

Here at The INDEPENDENT Channel we want YOU to join our choir! Of course, come to read, listen or take in tips from our Instagram. But go further! Join the community; YOUR community of INDEPENDENT Benjamin Moore retailers! Comment on what you hear and read. Like and post back on Instagram! Find a way to show the other retailers here what you are doing that you feel adds to your success!

Like the singer, joining our choir doesn’t cost you your independence!

Why did we make The INDEPENDENT Channel? Why these blogs? Why the podcasts and Instagram? Why are we planning more?

Simple: being INDEPENDENT does not mean that you have to stand alone!

Yes, the singer joins the choir but their own voice is never lost! It becomes part of the larger sound; allowing the music to carry further. An athlete joins a team but the team encourages them to remain who they are. Being their best self is the best way to make the team better.

And so it is here at The INDEPENDENT Channel! Your participation here as a reader, commenter (or even guest blogger if you’ve got something to say) is the INDEPENDENT act that makes you part of the community of INDEPENDENT Benjamin Moore retailers.

So show your independence by following along! We are just ramping up what we hope will be a content-rich experience where you can learn about your stores and teach others what you have learned!

When you follow along or participate here, you remain INDEPENDENT, while also helping others do the same! Join us in being part of our communal success.

But even here, where being INDEPENDENT is cause for celebration, there’s recognition that we are better if we play as a team. In a fascinating (to me at least) bit of irony, your success or failure as an INDEPENDENT depends on our connection to each other. And we hope The INDEPENDENT Channel becomes one of those connections.

Welcome to The Independent Channel

Welcome to The Independent Channel: an innovative way to provide news, information and pointers to growing your success as a Benjamin Moore retailer. Our focus on the independent retailer is critically important – it’s where we dedicate our financial and human resources on a daily basis.

As we continuously look to enhance our dialogue with retailers, The Independent Channel will encompass new ways to engage you through a podcast, blog and Instagram page.

The series of podcasts will feature conversations with retailers, influencers, and Benjamin Moore team members. Instagram posts are designed to provide quick tips in an interactive way.

To meets its goals, The Independent Channel relies on your participation – whether it be through likes, comments or photos. I appreciate your help in making it a success.

Thank you for your business.


Dan Calkins 
Chairman & CEO
Benjamin Moore & Co.

The Art of Capitalization – Part 1

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